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Summer is here and you just need to plan out a perfect holiday for these vacations. What could be more appealing than a truly Asian experience with loads of exotic places, some nature and the perfect food to give a kick start to your taste buds; this will be a unique experience you’ll never really regret.

Malaysia is situated on the map in the South Asian zone of the world. Just as diverse as its culture is, the geography of the country is similarly scattered over thirteen states and three federal territories. Malaysia shares land borders with Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city and the one which drives thousands of tourists all around the year. It can be considered as the main and the biggest tourist attraction of Malaysia. With a bubbling and bustling life so full of colors, it couldn’t get any better than this KL experience. It is one of the three federal territories and has played an active role in hosting many sporting and political events on an international level.

The international airlines, namely the Malaysia Airlines, fly to 95 destinations across the world. Along with this option, there are many other international airlines which fly to Malaysia including Air France, Air India, Air Lanka, Air New Zealand, Pakistan Airlines, Singapore Airlines and many more.

Malaysia is a mix of many cultures and religions. It is a home to the Indians, Chinese, Malays and many other ethnic groups belonging to different religions. Malaysia proves to be an attractive destination for those with the love of varieties. It is a mixture of sky reaching skyscrapers. There are luxurious five star hotels where one never resists the temptation to treat oneself.

The best part about being in Malaysia even in the summers is the bearable climate. Malaysia usually has a tropical climate but it is never too hot. There is undoubtedly the factor of humidity which gives the climate a tropical touch and excluding the highlands, the rest of Malaysia faces a dry and stifling climate. Throughout the year, the temperature on average ranges from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. This is the climate which prevails throughout the year although the monsoon season has its own variations across different places. The west coast experiences a rainy season which extends from September till December whereas the eastern coast has its rainy days through the months of October and February.  Though the days might get warm and humid, the night stays cooler and is always inviting.

The food of Malaysia is certainly a topic not to be missed. The mix of different ethnic group’s results in a variety of dishes being served in Malaysia and that too being done to the utmost perfection. There is a variety of Chinese food, Indian food and Malaysia’s very own Malay food. It is said that the traditional Malaysian food has been greatly influenced by other cultures of Indonesia, Middle East and China. Malaysian food is famous for being spicy but yet extremely delicious. It is a blend of many herbs and spices, most of them which are used in every cooked meal. Rice can be seen as the staple diet in Malaysia and is preferred at any time of the day; be it breakfast, lunch, supper or dinner. Beef, chicken and fish make up very popular dishes in Malaysia. A few popular dishes include ‘Nasi Lemak’, ‘KangKung belacan’, ‘Ketuput’, and the list goes on.